Treatment Process for Donor Egg

One of the major advantages of seeking donor egg treatment in the U.S. is a streamline treatment process that only requires two trips to our center in the U.S. The first visit allows you to meet with the doctor, nurse, and financial counselor as well as take care of some testing and the dummy cycle. Additionally, the male partner will produce a semen sample which will be frozen and then thawed for insemination during the treatment phase. After the donor eggs have been retrieved and inseminated with your partner’s sperm you will return to the U.S. for embryo transfer.

Shady Grove Fertility has co-managed care arrangements in place with many international centers which allow much of the recipient portion of the treatment to take place with a local fertility center. Together, the teams from the local Center and Shady Grove Fertility coordinate the recipient and donor logistics of the cycle. You are kept fully informed every step of the way.

Below is a chart that provides an overview of what to expect as a timeline to complete a donor egg cycle. The actual time may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

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