Financial Options

Prior to the creation of the Shared Donor Egg program, the only option available to couples was the traditional, and very expensive, one donor to one recipient option. While this is the ideal option for nearly every couple, the reality was that more than half the couples who needed donor egg didn’t follow through on treatment due to cost.

Understanding Shared Donor Egg

Shared Donor Egg is an efficient use of donor eggs and a reduction in treatment costs of up to 50%. The average number of eggs retrieved in a donor egg cycle is 18. Recipients are able to use all of the eggs for themselves or share the eggs and costs anonymously with one or two other recipients. Learn moreabout the Shared Donor Egg program.

Shared Risk – Deliver a Baby or 100% Refund

To further manage costs and reduce financial risk, recipient couples also have the ability to participate in our Shared Risk 100% Refund Program. Shared Risk is an optional financial program where couples elect pay one fixed fee for up to six donor egg treatment cycles with a guarantee that, if a baby is not delivered, they will receive a full 100% refund. The table below outlines the various financial options and their costs. Learn moreabout the Shared Risk program.

Non-Shared & Shared Donor Egg Options Fee for Service vs. Shared Risk

donor egg financial chart * includes donor medication, donor fee, donor screening and home Centre co-management fees for one fresh embryo transfer cycle using donor eggs ** includes donor medication, donor fees, donor screening, cryopreservation, cryopreservation transfers and home Centre co-management fees for up 6 fresh transfer cycles of IVF donor egg.

Patient Financing Services

MedicardMedicard is a simple, fast, financing option Shady Grove Fertility has available for our Canadian patients. This program minimizes a patient’s cost concerns by offering a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments. To learn more about Medicard please speak with our International Donor Egg Financial Counselors. If you have additional questions about these programs, please contact our International Patient Liaisons for more information and to determine your best option.

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