About Shady Grove Fertility

Shady Grove Fertility Center is America’s largest and most progressive fertility center performing approximately 5,000 IVF cycles including nearly 900 egg donation cycles and an equal number of ovulation induction and IUI cycles annually. Twenty-five reproductive endocrinologists as well as PhD scientists, geneticist and over 400 highly specialized staff care for patients in 15 full-service offices throughout the Washington, DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia Metropolitan areas. We offer a comprehensive range of fertility treatment options including Ovulation Induction, IUI, IVF, Donor Egg and PGD as well as resources to comprehensively address patients needs – medical, emotional, and financial. For patient convenience IVF retrievals and transfers are performed in our Rockville, Baltimore and Philadelphia locations.

A Center of Excellence

We believe in fostering a culture of excellence through investment in the latest technology to improve clinical outcomes, by offering innovative financial programs to help more people afford treatment, and by making the commitment to hire, train, and retain staff that is not only experienced but also passionate, loyal, and highly committed to patient care. To encourage continuous innovation, we monitor our performance closely, enabling us to make immediate adaptations or improvements on any level.


All of the Shady Grove Fertility Center offices are newly built or remodeled within the past three years. Patients can expect a warm and inviting, yet professional atmosphere with all the modern conveniences. Rockville, Maryland, medical practice and practice headquarters is a 32,000 square foot facility and home to our Ambulatory Surgery Center and Embryology Laboratory. The ASC and embryology laboratory are equipped with the very latest technology and are fully accredited by AAAHC and Joint Commission on Healthcare (JCAHO) respectively.

Physician Collaboration

Behind the scenes, our physicians come together in person once a week to discuss treatment approaches or new protocols, attend Journal Club, or to discuss patient satisfaction and general practice improvement concepts. While time consuming, we believe that through these meetings the collective knowledge of the entire group increases, and therefore, so does the care we provide. Electronic medical records facilitate the seamless exchange of information between offices ensuring up to the minute details about treatment plans are available to our clinical care teams 24/7.

Patient Care Teams

Shady Grove Fertility has become a leading fertility center because we are able to offer patients the best of both worlds – individualized care and consistently, exceptional pregnancy rates. The ability to achieve this balance comes from a concerted effort to ensure the patient has clear points of contact at all times through clearly defined patient care teams. As a patient, you will have a fertility care team that consists of your physician, a primary nurse, a clinical administrative assistant and a financial counselor. This core group, who is in consistent communication with one another, orchestrates every aspect of your care on a daily basis. Additionally, they will point you to additional support systems such as our integrated Psychological Support Services program or holistic fertility therapies through Pulling Down the Moon. During treatment, you will come in contact with other caregivers but you can rest assured that your primary team monitors your progress and is just a phone call away.

Individualized Approach

Your treatment recommendation is based on a variety of circumstances including fertility testing results, age, medical history, previous fertility treatment and personal preferences. With this many variables, it becomes clear why each treatment plan is customized and you can see why it truly becomes impossible to compare one person’s progress with another, even though on the surface, their diagnoses may be similar. For example, a couple where the woman is 30 years old with irregular cycles has a good chance of conceiving with ovulation induction and IUI so there would be no initial need for IVF. On the other hand, if the woman is 40 and experiencing irregular cycles that couple may move to IVF immediately because lower tech options would not likely achieve pregnancy in a timely way. The goal for us is to offer you the best chance of pregnancy while balancing the ability to offer the least expensive, least invasive treatment possible.

Pregnancy Rates/Low Multiple Births

A member of the Society of Assisted Reproductive Medicine (SART), Shady Grove Fertility’s IVF success rates are among the very best in the nation at 50% pregnancy rate per transfer. Since 2007, the pregnancy rate per transfer in the Egg Donor program is 63%. Shady Grove Fertility received special recognition from SART for our reduction of high-order multiple rates as one of the lowest in the nation at Patient Satisfaction “The patient comes first” is at the center of our philosophy at Shady Grove Fertility. We believe that any decision we make from the perspective of serving the patient will ultimately benefit us as a practice. Therefore, we emphasize the need to consistently deliver exceptional service from all areas of the organization. According to the most recent survey 96% of patients would recommend Shady Grove Fertility to a friend or family member.

Investing in Education

Shady Grove Fertility Center is fully committed to ongoing education for the physicians, the staff, and our patients and referring the OBGYN community. We invest time and resources in each of these activities which include attending conferences and seminars, conducting internal staff education programs, as well as conducting fertility seminars and medical updates for our referring physician colleagues. For patients, we take a multi-facet approach and offer education through our clinical care teams, newsletters, monthly webcast events and a variety of other tools that can be found throughout this website. We feel strongly that it is our responsibility to share information and spread the word about new and emerging fertility technologies so that every couple can easily access the information and resources they need to overcome infertility.

Research Program

Shady Grove Fertility has been a national leader in fertility research and is one of the few fertility centers in the country to employ a full-time dedicated research staff. All of the physician staff and much of the laboratory staff at Shady Grove Fertility began their training, and often part of their careers, in academic medical centers. These centers are traditionally the only seat of academic research. From that background we realize that an invigorating, stimulating atmosphere can contribute to clinical excellence. Therefore we have reconstructed that academic atmosphere within the privacy and patient oriented setting of our practice, melding the best of both worlds.

Where Our Patients Come From

Shady Grove Fertility is known internationally as a pioneer in fertility treatment and an innovator in making fertility treatment more affordable. Many patients find the unique combination of our high success rates and 100% refund financial options a better investment of time and financial resources, and worth the effort to travel for care. Patients come to our Center from all over the world, with the largest number from the UK. Since 2007, hundreds of patients have traveled internationally to our center to help build their families. Collectively, we have assisted thousands of patients from all 50 US states and over 35 other countries around the world. The regions highlighted in red show where our patients have traveled from to receive treatment through our Center.

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