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International Donor Egg Program

The International Donor Egg Program at Shady Grove Fertility was developed to help make donor egg treatment convenient and affordable to patients from other countries where donor egg is not easily accessible. We recognized that while donor egg is not a viable treatment option in many countries outside the United States, most couples were not pursuing treatment elsewhere because of the overwhelming obstacles associated with seeking treatment abroad. To close that gap, Shady Grove Fertility designed a unique program that would eliminate some of the biggest challenges couples face when traveling internationally for treatment. Benefits of the international program include:

  • Two brief visits to Washington, DC area
  • Affordable financial options
  • No wait to begin treatment
  • Extensive donor pool
  • Immediate donor matching
  • Free initial phone consultation
  • Specialized team managing care

Shady Grove Fertility, the leading fertility center in the United States, performs over 4,000 IVF cycles per year and over 800 donor egg cycles annually, more than any other Center in the nation. Our pregnancy success rates are among the best and yet we also have one of the lowest multiple pregnancy rates. More than 27,000 babies, including 1,500 from donor egg, have been born as a result of treatment at our Center. Canadian Patients: View our video discussing the donor egg process and unique benefits of coming to SGF for treatment! Since the inception of our program, hundreds of couples have chosen to travel from afar to realize the benefits of our international donor egg program and fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

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